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The central location of the Elgersheimer Country Mansion, which is connected to many large villages and towns surrounding it via the country roads, provides an ideal point from which these other areas of Franconia can be reached. Places and sights of interest include:

Volkach Volkach       (around 5 km away)
“Maria im Weingarten”/Holy Mary in the Vineyards
- a church visited by pilgrims which is famous for its
  religious art work, such as the “Maria im Rosenkranz”/
  ”Holy Mary of the Rosary”, by Tilman Riemenschneider
- The picturesque town church of “St. Bartholomaeus”
- The “Kartause” museum in the neighbouring village of

Gerolzhofen Gerolzhofen       (around 15 km away)
- Stadtbefestigung - Town wall
- “Weiβer Turm” - “The White Tower”
- “Eulen-/Hexen Turm” - “Owl-/Witches Tower”
- The town church “Heilige Maria vom Rosenkranz” -
  ”Holy Mary of the Rosary”
- “Heiliger Regiswindis” also known as the “Steigerwalddom”
- The town museum situated in the old Town Hall
- The indoor and outdoor swimming pool with sauna facilities – fun for all the family in all weathers

Kitzingen Kitzingen       (around 25 km away)
- The “Alte Mainbrücke” - “Old bridge over the Main”
- The town hall, still in its original renaissance style
- The beautiful town synagogue
- The two towers – “Falterturm” and “Marktturm”
- Fastnachtsmuseum

Iphofen Iphofen       (around 25 km away)
- Famous for its marketplace and the “Marienbrunnen”
  ”Mary’s Fountain”
- A well preserved, renovated town wall with its
  authentic gates and watch towers
- The town church “St. Viet”
- The museum “Knauf” and the “Kirchenburg Museum”
  in the neighbouring village of Mönchsondheim
Schweinfurt Schweinfurt       (around 25 km away)
- famous for its art and its industrial past
- Marketplace with a statue of Rückert, a German writer,
  and renaissance town hall
- Visit the “Zeughaus” to get a taste of this historic
- The town theatre
- The “Georg Schäfer” museum of 19th century art

Würzburg Würzburg       (around 25 km away)
- UNESCO recognized centre of culture
- The famous “Würzburger Residenz”, with its lovely
- Castle “Marienberg” and “Käppele”
- Botanic gardens; various theatres and musea

Bamberg Bamberg       (around 85 km away)
- 1000 years old, UNESCO recognized, renowned city of
  culture. Its historical centre city is one of the most
  beautiful and best preserved in Germany
- The “Bamberger Dom” the famous statue of the
  “Bamberger Reiter/Bamberger Horse rider”
- New “Residenz” with a picturesque rose garden
- The “Brückenrathaus/town hall” on the bridge and the
  old town hall
- “Wasserschloss Concordia/Watercastle Concordia”
- Many theatres and 15 musea!

Nürnberg Nürnberg       (around 100 km away)
- The famous “Kaiserburg”/ “Kaiser Castle”
  - Main marketplace including a fountain, a town hall
  and the “Frauenkirche”
  - “Henkersteg” and “Kettensteg”
  - The “Weiβer Turm/The White Tower” and its
  “Ehekarussel” fountain, near the “Albrecht-Dürer” Haus - The “Nicolaus-Copernikus” Planetarium
- Zoo